West Jersey Lamb's War

Producers:      Erica Thomas
Client:         Author Marian Gold 
Services:       Design, Project Management, Marketing & Outreach 

Marian Gold, a lifelong writer and reseracher, approached us for help producing her self-published history book about the Quaker migration to North America. Her text was personal, as the history of the Quakers migration is also her family history. It was important to Marian that her project reflect the fresh, playful, and approachable writing style, but remained appropriate for the tone of a historical text. It was her hope to have the book used by members of the Quaker tradition, historical societies, libraries, and researchers interested in the subject. So we suggested that we act as more than simply designers, and include a simple business strategy and marketing plan for her project. We were able to keep the per book cost low so the cost to consumers would remain reasonable, while selecting high quality materials for the limited first edition. A second edition was printed digitally and retained a similar look and feel, with an even more reasonable end cost. The marketing materials allowed Marian to promote her book and get it into the hands of institutions and individual researchers across the US.