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Through an integrated and relational approach, we help businesses and organizations embody and aestheticize what matters most to them.

We work on projects large and small, and our team scales to fit your needs. We coalesced around the understanding that art isn’t separate from life, that your life’s work is a creative process, and that people do their best work when it has meaning.

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Gracie Koester

strategy, coaching

Gracie is a socially-engaged creator, consultant, and coach. She works with individuals and organizations to support their journey, define what they want to create, and bring their vision to fruition.

She has a decade of experience in reproductive justice work, helping individuals craft their vision and chart their course, and helping organizations enhance their care, coordination, and teamwork. She has taught and facilitated workshops on collaboration, care, context, team-building, and strategy in both small-group and large-group settings, including Oregon Health Sciences University, Metta Lineage, and Swedish Medical Center. Her textile-based artwork centers around light, line, and balance, weaving together history, functionality, and entropy. Though her art and coaching, Gracie facilitates connection between the personal and the public.

Gracie holds a B.A. in Geography from Macalester College. Trained to think in layers and interconnections, she brings a spatial and relational lens to her work, seeing connections and interplay that offer new insight.

Emily Fitzgerald

art, strategy

Emily Fitzgerald is a creative consultant, socially-engaged artist, photographer, and storyteller. Through her consulting and art practice she focuses on integrating the relational and visual to elevate engagement, invoke curiosity, and demonstrate multi-dimensionality. Her work is responsive, participatory, and site-specific—seeking to shift systems of power, and build meaningful connection. Emily brings large-scale art installations into non-traditional, public and unexpected places in order to deepen our understanding, reframe our ways of relating to one another, and to inspire dialogue around complex issues.

In addition to creative consulting, Emily teaches Art, Photography, and Design Thinking at Portland State University. Her recent creative collaborations have included partnerships with TriMet, the Portland Art Museum, Hollywood Senior Center, Zenger Farm, King Public School, Multnomah County Health Clinics, Beaumont Middle School, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, and the City of Portland.

Erica Thomas

art, strategy

Erica is a creative consultant, artist, and producer. She combines her expertise in producing art experiences and public engagement, content creation, and brand strategy with her deep commitment to social justice to help clients achieve solutions to their most pressing questions about their life’s work. She has a strong voice for writing, a keen eye for producing images and art directing design. Concept is where she shines. 
Erica specializes in strategic process, impactful written and visual content, creating art exhibitions and experiences, producing and consulting on public art, large-scale events and festivals, and solutions to community outreach needs.
She holds an MFA in Contemporary Art and Social Practice and has over a decade of experience as a producer, project manager, and art director. She mixes her experience in contemporary art and design with business and organizational savvy to produce innovative solutions for her clients and collaborators, which include Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland Art Museum, and many others. 

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