We practice and facilitate collaborative approaches to work

We help individuals, teams, and organizations move forward in ways that align their vision and values, and optimize their potential. Whether growing, going through transition, developing strategy, or team-building, we help you connect with your capacity to create. We specialize in team coordination, effective leadership, and culture-building, in either a one-on-one capacity or group context.

We believe that your expertise in knowing yourself and your work combined with our experience and guidance will help you move into new territory. Working together, we open space for new possibilities. In bringing a new perspective, we can offer paths not previously seen with the insight gained from new awareness, knowledge, and practice.

In this domain, learning is not an intellectual pursuit, but an embodied practice with the ingredients of intent and action. We can help you hone your aims, coordinate your crew, and take the steps needed for forward movement. Working together is a relationship built on trust; communication is our foundation.

Finding out if we would be a good fit happens best in person. Please get in touch to start a conversation

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