All Wealth Comes
from the Earth

Artist: Renee Sills and Janna Dorothy
Services: Art Exhibition, Business Incubation, Workshops

MATTER'S first artist in residence, Renee Sills, is the founder of Embodied Astrology. Together in collaboration with mixed-media collage artist Janna Dorothy, Renee Sills, and curated by Erica Thomas, MATTER presented a gallery show, a series of workshops, and private sessions, centered around understanding how one's astrology chart can be a guide for work, life path, and business. 

Throughout the Summer 2017 residency, Renee has explored new methods for radical business practices. Residents are encouraged to use the opportunity to develop new ways to make a living, in whatever way they define it for themselves.

Artist Statement :: Embodied Astrology


All wealth comes from the earth. There is nothing we call wealth that doesn’t originate on Earth In the elements that are of Her. In the way She processes death turning it into (s)oil. In Her growth and expression of vegetation. In the compounds that are synthesized from Her beginnings. In the bodies She made and now sustains, yours and mine. In the bodies who labor—whether through function of mind or muscle. In our bodies which are made of earth.

Embodied Astrology’s residency at Works Progress Agency explores astrology as a language and tool for orienting ourselves towards creative potential. We propose to redefine wealth and labor as contributions to, rather than exploitations of, nature. Here, generative collaborations become means of personal fulfillment and mutual satisfaction. Ecological, elemental interpretations of economics become channels for sustainable satiation.