My Handmade Life

Producers:      Emily Fitzgerald
Client:         Carole Anderson
Collaborators:  Studio HMVD, The Dalles Art Center, Celilo Cancer Center,
                                     Editor Ann Eames

Services:       Consulting, Project Management, Permissions, Partnerships
                                     Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Print Management

Carole Anderson approached WPA for design, project management and printing of her book. As we began to work on the project it became clear that Carole would also need a clear outreach strategy in order to engage her community with the project and market her book. Carole's memior, titled My Handmade Life, is about her journey of being diagnosed with lymphoma at age 57, followed by her work throughout the next 13 years using art and spirituality for healing. Carole had created over 30 works of visual art that are included in the book. As a result of the project these paintings have been exhibited and traveled to various art institutions in Oregon. Our team developed partnerships with The Dalles Art Center and Mid Columbia Medical Center to display Carole's artwork at those sites and to generate presales her book, which sold over half of her print run before it arrived.