Stranger Bird

Producer/Designer: Erica Thomas
Client:            Author Joe Pitkin

Collaborators:     Editor Ann Eames
Services:          Art Direction, Design, Publishing, Event

Author Joe Pitkin first approached us looking simply for a designer for his first novel, a charming YA fantasy, which he planned to self-publish. We discovered that he didn't yet have a plan for how the book would be produced or distributed, so WPA suggested that we could act as his publisher and help get the book completed and into readers hands.  Our strategy involved researching what made most sense for his audience and how to get the book put out on a reasonable budget. We came to a crowdfunding and social media campaign, not only fund the production upfront, but as a means to promote the book. 

For design we worked in collaboration with illustrator Lauren Moran on the cover art, and kept the cover and interior designs, and layout in house. The project culminated in a launch party, complete with book signing, photo booth installation, and a display of cover design evolution. The book is available via Amazon or direct from the author.