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Working Culture is both a toolkit and our method for building empathy, surfacing questions, resolving conflict, and engaging participants in collective visioning to transform their workplace culture.

The cards can act as an engagement and retention tool for employees, staff, and leadership. They will transform your workplace culture towards the true goals of your organization. 

The Toolkit

The toolkit includes 100 cards with 4 decks. Each card identifies a single word that will support your goals towards Equity & Inclusion; Research & Innovation; Identity & Message; or Strategy & Growth. On the backside of each card you will find directions for an activity or prompt that directs you to contemplate, converse, draw, articulate, ponder, or act in ways that support personal and organizational growth. 




Equity & Inclusion

We bring an empathetic and forward-looking approach to cultivating a healthier and more equitable workplace.
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Strategy & Growth

Clarify your mission, vision, and values, and home in on your audience. 
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Research & Innovation

We apply principles of Human-Centered Design to guide your team through building observation skills, collaborative iteration, and exploring innovative approaches to creative problem solving.
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Identity & Message

Our Identity & Messaging services focus on analyzing and improving your organization’s communication strategy.
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Individual Decks ... $20

Working Culture Full Kit ... $60

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Our trainings are available for groups of approximately 8-50 people, which can be facilitated as mini sessions (60-90 mins) or longer engagements. Shorter sessions are a fun way to build teams, deepen workplace relationships, create understanding between diverse perspectives, and have meaningful conversations through a facilitated structure. Longer sessions are best for organizations wanting to make deeper connections and more lasting change.

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