Some Light at the End

Producers:      Erica Thomas & Emily Fitzgerald
Client:         Beth Cavenaugh, RN & Author
Collaborators:  Studio HMVD, Violet Mae Reed
                                     Editor Ann Eames

Services:       Consulting, Art Direction, Content Creation,
                                     Developmental Editing, Print Management

When Beth first approached us she wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for, other than a change. She wanted to use a creative project to help break her out of a career rut, and help her think more expansively about how to engage differently with her work as healthcare professional. After some creative workshopping with us, she decided to write a book. It was her dream to work with patients and caregivers on her own terms, outside the confines of a medical institution. 

Some Light at the End was a labor of love, evolving over the course of a year into finished product we are all so proud of. For our contribution, WPA provided Beth with guidance on content, shaping the voice and tone, ghostwriting, and organizing content. Our consulting method always includes a strong relational direction, which led us to create a set of prompts which divide each chapter of the book, which gives readers a built-in tool to engage with each other during the end of life.

For the visual components we partnered with illustrator Violet Mae Reed, and our go-to graphic design powerhouse, Heather-Mariah Dixon of Studio HMVD. As always, we provided art direction and guidance, but we work with Heather for a reason. She bases her work on tight concepts, and produces technically masterful and thorough design. For this project, she utilized actual fallen leaves from her studio plants to create the visual textures she used to divide each chapter. As a team we guided decisions about custom print options and manged the production of the physical product all the way to delivery.  

Together, we created a gorgeous book that Beth’s will be able to use for years, both as a tool for her clients, and as a way to promote her services as a death and dying consultant and caregiver. We are deeply proud of the was we made her vision into a reality.